Resources and information about direct provision

Direct Provision, in the voices of those living in DP

  • Vella Nqobizitha, Direct Provision: Making the provision work for you! TEDxUCC (Video, March 2019):
  • Ellie Kisyombe on Direct Provision, Activism and the Importance of Food (Audio only, November, 2018): 
  • Blessing Moyo and Victoria Chihumura on life in Direct Provision. Victoria discusses going through the Leaving Cert while living in DP (Video, November 2018):
  • Bulelani Mfaco on being LGBTQ and an Asylum Seeker (Video, July 2018):
  • Evgeny Shtorn discuses being LGBTQ in Direct Provision (Video, May 2018):
  • Letetia Leona Chukwuemba at EndDP Demo. Letetia talks about herself and her 3 children being living in DP for 8, almost 9 years without being able to work (Video, November 2014):
  • Pako Mokoba talking about Direct Provision in Ireland. Pako talks about the inspection process, about the lack of privacy for adults and children (Video, October 2014):
  • This hostel life by Melatu Uche Okorie (publication, €7), tells the stories of migrant women in a hidden Ireland. It also includes an essay by Liam Thornton (UCD School of Law) explaining the Irish legal position in relation to asylum seekers and DP.
  • Asylum Archive, by Vukašin Nedeljković. Asylum Archive is a website where Vukasin documents life in Direct Provision through photos of the centres, oral stories and accumulated artifacts.

Documentaries and features ft. people in Direct Provision

  • Ireland faces pressure over refugee treatment, Al Jazeera (video, April 2014):
  • Direct Provision, Ireland’s Asylum Seekers, a short documentary featuring several people who live or used to live in Direct Provision and people working to support them. It also shows the inside of a few DP centres (video, October 2017): 
  • Asylum & Direct Provision – Explained by Prime Time, it includes context of when Direct Provision was set up (video, July 2019):
  • ‘This is the modern Holocaust’, Professor Pat Dolan on the refugee crisis and Direct Provision (Video, March 2018):

Reports & Papers

Irish Refugee Council: What are the alternatives to our broken Direct Provision System?

Houses of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice and Equality report finds Direct Provision: Here

The McMahon Report: The Working Group on the Protection Process and Direct Provision: Here

Working Paper on the Progress of Implementation of the McMahon Report (2017):

Nasc Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality on Direct Provision and the International Protection Application Process:

Nasc What’s Food Got To Do With It? Food Experiences of Asylum Seekers in Direct Provision (2014):

Useful websites

Irish Refugee Council provides services and support for people seeking protection and people recognised as refugees in Ireland and advocate for humane and dignified protection procedures and responses to people fleeing persecution. 

Immigrant Council of Ireland is a human rights organisation and Independent Law Centre that supports and advocates for the rights of immigrants and their families and act as a catalyst for public debate, legal and policy change.

Nasc works with migrants and refugees to advocate and lead for change within Ireland’s immigration and protection systems, to ensure fairness, access to justice and the protection of human rights. 

Doras is an independent, non-governmental organisation working to promote and protect the rights of migrants in Ireland through direct support, advocacy and integration support.

Asylum Archive is a website where Vukašin Nedeljković documents life in Direct Provision through photos of the centres, oral stories and accumulated artifacts.

MASI (Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland) is an independent platform for asylum seekers to join together in unity and purpose.  The collective seeks justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers.

Citizen’s Information