Dáil Contributions

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Notable Speeches

Sexist remarks and Greyhound Funding

A member of the Irish Greyhound Board has challenged my personality and pointed out my gender. Referring to me as an “ignorant little girl”. He hasn’t challenged any of the facts I have raised about the Greyhound Industry. So I have invited him to have a debate, and RTÉ have kindly offered to host. The unfortunate reality is I wasn’t deeply hurt or offended, because I am used to this kind of sexism. I may not have taken personal offence, but in reality this offends all women. Too many women are subject to this type of belittling and it needs to be called out.

The full speech is available to read here

Need for laws on image-based sexual abuse

I spoke in the Dáil this afternoon about the horrific news that came to light this week – that tens of thousands of images and videos, mainly of Irish women (including girls who are underage), are being deliberately and maliciously shared without their consent, on online forums and in messaging groups. I called on the Minister to act fast. We can, should and need to move immediately to protect victims. Image-based sexual abuse needs to be recognised as the crime it so obviously is. I’d like to send a clear message to the women and girls targeted by this horrific leak: This is not your fault. You didn’t do ANYTHING wrong. You are not to blame. Thousands of Irish men are sharing these kinds of images online and via messaging apps. If you see or receive an image being circulated without consent – CALL IT OUT. You can and should speak up, whether that’s in Whatsapp groups, in conversation, in any given situation – Call. It. Out. When you don’t, you are complicit, and you are supporting a culture that facilitates gender-based abuse. We need ZERO tolerance, and to achieve that, we need you to stand up.

The full speech is available to watch here and read here