Basically…with Stefanie Preissner: What’s It Like To Get Elected, Holly?

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On this week’s episode Stefanie talks to Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns. They talk about the unlikelihood of Holly winning her seat, the campaign, the count, and ultimately how she won the seat. Holly talks about what a Councillor does, and who tells you what to do. How councils actually work. They talk about progressivism, the future and who voting is for. Why Holly is a Social Democrat. How much it costs to run for local elections.  Gender balance, quotas and what it’s like to be a woman in politics. What is the actual job of a TD and who tells you what to do? Holly’s costs for running for elections as talked about in the episode are: Local – €4000 General – €17,000 The TD who ran for election just after having twins, as mentioned by Stefanie was Catherine Ardagh FF.

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