Affordable Housing

I am part of the first generation in Ireland to be worse off than our parents. And so much of that comes down to the housing crisis that has gripped Ireland for over a decade now.

Everything comes back to housing.

The housing crisis has led to a generation locked out of their futures. Locked out of building families, of a sense of community, of employment prospects and independence.

Our society cannot function, at any level, without the availability of secure and affordable housing.
I want to see the housing system in Ireland utterly transformed. And to achieve that, ultimately everything comes back to affordability. Government policies have utterly failed to address the housing crisis, and many of their decisions have actually driven house prices up not down.

I would do everything possible to drive down rents and house prices. I am committed to delivering social and truly affordable housing at scale.

We also need much stronger protections for renters, legislating for a ban on no-fault evictions and better security of tenure.

You can read more about our policies and plans in our Housing policy page on the Social Democrats website.