Climate Action Yesterday

Genuine climate action and a fair transition are two of the reasons I entered politics.

Our planet is facing an existential crisis. But to date, we have not even done a fraction of what is required. Ireland’s emissions are going up, not down. If we continue our current path, it will result in the unthinkable.

The challenge ahead of us is immense, but it is not hopeless. I am committed to taking climate action that will be transformative for Ireland. To do this we need to be ambitious in our goals, and creative in our approach. And crucially, we must work together as a society.

A greener Ireland will lead to new and exciting employment opportunities, warmer homes, cleaner air, better energy and food security.

Justice and equality is at the core of every one of my climate policies – those who will be least able to afford the transition to a net zero economy will not be forced to bear the heaviest burden.

Real climate action must lead to a better standard of living for everyone.

You can read more about our policies and plans in our Climate policy page on the Social Democrats website.