Honest Politics

Not too long ago, I was completely disengaged from politics. Like so many of my friends and family I was forced to emigrate following the crash, and had very little faith in Irish political parties.

I would not have entered party politics were it not for the Social Democrats. Because we do politics differently.

The Social Democrats are a party for a new era – not defined by old loyalties, old politics, old policies, cosy business connections or jobs for the boys.

Our guiding principles are a fair society and a strong economy, underpinned by honest politics.

Trust is a key part of that.

Building it – and retaining it, by rigidly sticking to our commitments.

And one of those commitments is a promise to tackle corruption in politics and public life. We need properly designed systems of governance and accountability.

To achieve this, we would establish an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency charged with preventing, detecting and prosecuting corruption and white-collar crime.

You can read more about our policies and plans in our Honest Politics policy page on the Social Democrats website.