More Mná

I am currently the only female TD representing Cork City or County. There are six times more TDs named Michael representing the people of Cork than there are women.

Very often, I find myself the only woman in the room. An unfortunate reality for women in politics at the moment.

Balanced representation is not just a gender issue. Better representation leads to better decision-making.

We need a diversity of voices in public office to highlight the issues that matter to our younger population, to older people, to people with disabilities and to migrants.

I feel incredibly strongly about women’s rights, about equality. It was in fighting for those exact things that I was inspired to get into politics.

There is so much we need to do in Ireland to achieve true gender equality.

Over half of women in Ireland have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. And very few receive justice.

So many women are locked out of employment and independence due to the staggering cost of childcare in Ireland.

And many women experiencing domestic violence find that there is nowhere available for them to find refuge.

We can do better.

And I am absolutely committed to ensuring that we do.