Weekly Update – 26th February

| Weekly Update

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Here are some of the issues me and my team were working on last week👇

🔵 In response to me last week, the Taoiseach committed to ratifying the Optional Protocol of the UNCRPD within the year. This would be momentous for disability rights in Ireland. Learn more here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3sueXFsUBL/

🏡 Child homelessness is up 55% since this government took office. And key measures to prevent it, like the no-fault eviction ban, were ripped away even though Government knew it was helping. Why is tackling this issue not a primary focus of this Government? https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3lPPmMsKeU/

👩‍⚕️ Rural healthcare services are at a crisis point. We need serious investment in GP training, public dental services, and crucially a salaried GP model – so that GPs don’t have to take on the burden of running their own business on top of medical work: https://youtu.be/6ObQtOy4mTw

🎣 Small scale fishers pay more for their fuel than large industrial boats, which eats into their already limited profit margins. Tax rebates are available for larger boats on diesel engines, but no assistance is available for small inshore boats. I asked the Minister to consider a support scheme: https://youtu.be/33t_J4TTlS4

📺 I was on the Tonight Show last Wednesday to talk about housing and the Social Democrats vision for Ireland: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3qOclvs2bZ/

📺 Roisin Shortall appeared on TWIP on Sunday to discuss Minister Catherine Martin’s handling of the crisis in RTÉ: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3z9_A-MAJr/

🌍 Jennifer Whitmore called out Government for being resigned to not meeting our climate targets, and incurring €8bn in fines: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3lCCmHsfcu/

🌱 I asked the Minister to provide an update on ACRES scheme payments and the number of farmers affected. The chaos of this year’s payments cannot be repeated if this scheme is to be a success in the future: https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/debates/question/2024-02-22/225/

🦷 Figures released to me by the HSE show that there are 2,613 people on the waiting list in Cork/Kerry for orthodontic treatment, with 700 of them waiting over 2 years. This is absolutely unacceptable.

🎨 Applications are now open for a 9-12 month creative residency in Bandon. You can apply here: https://www.corkcoco.ie/en/news/applications-now-open-for-creative-residency-opportunity-in-bandon

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(📸 Turk Head pier)

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